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Are you a small local business, craftsman, or skilled independent tradesman?

Unsure of how to use social media for Business? 
Not confident on social media yourself? 
Don't need a website but need to attract local clients?
Have a website but no idea how to create a business facebook page?
Not sure what your company should be tweeting? 
Or no time to update your company social media?

Then let me help.
Stress free and easily affordable.  

There is a set up fee and a small regular maintenance fee.  I do all the work, all the research, all the advertising. Every day. 
You get on with the running of your business. Its a win win!

Please take a look at some of the FB pages I already work with, and some of the advertising material and promotional photographs I have created for them. 

Be it the greatest view, the new offices, your special offers, - lets go and capture what you and your business see as important. With a different more personal approach. 
I not only work on social media, but have produced work for school brochures, business websites and international blogs.  My work has been published in magazines, newspapers and numerous websites.